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The back story on Pearl.

In the fall of 2015 we purchased a bottle calf Mashona heifer (solid black and smooth polled) out of a Weaver Ranch bred female and sired by a Weaver Ranch bull.  This heifer was born 8/11/15 and her name is DC Black Pearl (yellow ear tag #26; USDA #74GFT7543).

Pearl's dam (a cow named Dry Creek 20) calved a little later in the season than her owners wanted, so they quick-weaned Pearl the calf so mama could cycle more quickly and (hopefully) rejoin her herdmates for their preferred breeding window.

The owners of DC 20 purchased her dam (WR 122) as a bred female directly from the Weaver Ranch.  That year Weaver Ranch ran a herd breeding group and so we do not know the maternal grand sire of our heifer other than it was a bull of not less than 7/8ths Mashona blood.

We bottle fed Pearl, plus gave her a little bit of calf starter and free choice hay throughout that first winter (she lived in our barn and has always been very sweet natured, curious and kind) then in the spring turned her out with the cow herd ... and on her first day out there, she proceeded to get her leg caught up in some electrified polywire, and got a nasty cut ... so, back to the barn for some more R-and-R.  The cut healed up well and doesn't hamper her in the least.  While she was in the barn, she got a little ring-worm ... and all of the affected hairs grew back bright-white -- it looks like someone splashed milk on her legs!  Due to all of the issues in her first 9 months or so, it's held her back a bit growth-wise...but, she's strong and healthy and should make a nice breeding female for someone. 

She is with our very-heifer-safe (!!) fullblood Aubrac bulls right now.  If she is not currently bred, and you take care of her, we will guarantee her as a female suitable for your breeding.  Failure to give you her first calf within 12 months of turning her out with your bull(s) (or 12/31/18, whichever is later) will result in us either buying her back for your purchase price (less salvage value) or replacing her with another Mashona heifer.

The ONLY reason she is available for sale is that we need to reduce our headcount a bit.

Pearl's pedigree is as follows:

Dam = DC 20

sire = WR herd bulls (some 7/8ths, some 100% fullbloods, and some in between as to parentage)

dam = WR 122 (fullblood Mashona)

Sire = WR 203

sire = WR (fullblood Mashona)

dam = WR (fullblood Mashona)

A picture to follow...

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